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Advertising and graphic studio
Graphic Live Co. Ltd.

Graphic Live company has been established in Prague, 1997
and is aimed on creativity graphic designs and preparing graphics data for press technologies.

Graphics studio offers a three main kinds of services:

  • graphic design and services of DTP studio, PRE PRESS services and data processing – more info is available in Czech language
  • services of ofset, digital and other press with complete sort of POST PRESS and other finalizing services (cutting, binding, numbering…) – more info is available in Czech language
  • special technology for graphics advertising (signmaking, high pressure water jet cutting, floor graphics, etc…) and 3D designs of exhibition stands and commercial interiors – more info is available in Czech language

Company headquarters is located in Prague, where are realized services of creative graphic designs, PRE PRESS preparation, digital press and data processing for ofset press technologies.

Our print-shop Vandruck Sedlcany is located in middle of czech county, at Sedlcany town. Print-shop disposes three KBA press machines in A2 & B2 sizes, serigraphic press and variety equipment for finalizing services. Press orders are delivered daily to prague office.

Company contacts:

Graphic Live spol. s r.o.,
Office complex BEKO
Jeremenkova 88
140 00 Prague 4 – Czech Republic

GPS location: N = 50° 02′ 35.5″ E = 14° 25′ 42.0″

Phone: +420 241 444 884 | Email: studio@graphiclive.eu

Mgr. Vladimir Pruska

GSM phone: +420 602 218 701 | Email: v.pruska@graphiclive.eu

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